My laptop died a couple days ago. My wife had gotten me a laptop for Christmas last year and, in April, I put it away in the office because we had guests coming over. I’m going out of town next week for work so I decided to pull it out and charge it, etc, etc.

The damn thing’s backlight was out. I couldn’t see anything on the screen at all. I called the manufacturer and they sent me some kinda form to send in with the computer so they could fix it. Then they sent me an email saying to bring it into the store.

I took it in the other night and they got really confused at the store. I’m not sure what was supposed to happen exactly, but long story short they refunded me the purchase price of my laptop.

So I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the device. It’s like a mini laptop with a touch screen.

I’ve had both an Ipad and a Xoom since they came out and never really used them for anything other than playing games at the airport. I don’t even read on them because I have a Kindle.

I struggled, trying to find a way to make either tablet useful in my everyday life or my work life and just couldn’t figure out a way. Almost anything I want to do I can do on my Iphone. Everything else was easier to do on my laptop.

So, initially, I wasn’t super excited about the Surface. I mean, what good is another tablet? Well… that’s the thing. It isn’t a tablet, at least not in the traditional sense. It’s a laptop smashed into a tablet.

It is easily as useful as my laptop was but a whole lot more portable. I love the little flip up keyboard. I use my wireless laptop mouse with it and the keyboard, and I feel like I’m using a real computer.

I had both a pen and keyboard for my Ipad and just couldn’t get into writing on them. It’s not like that with the Surface. Maybe that’s because it’s designed to be a computer and not a hip ipad?

Either way, I’m really happy to have gotten it.