Death’s Mantle

Firstly, Abby 2, The Spy Within, is now available for preorder on Amazon. It will release July 20, 2015. I have gone through one round of editing, and the manuscript is currently sitting at 61k words. So basically, my second edit added 5k words. I’m hoping to have the final revision done next week.

So, what have I been working on now? A little trilogy I call Revelations. See, a long, long time ago, in a highschool not so far away, I wrote a story. It was absolutely horrible. I’ve rewritten this story probably four times over the years. So… what’s going on now? I’m rewriting it one last time. I’m not sure if it will wind up being good or not, but I’m determined to find out.

I’m about halfway done right now, and the crux of the story is this: There’s four horsemen, and they need to stop Ragnarok, which is absolutely insane. It will be part of a trilogy, the first of which is called Death’s Mantle. This will be my first third person book, though technically Shattered was in third person.


Here’s the tentative release schedule for Revelations:

August 2015: Death’s Mantle – The First Revelation

November 2015: War and Famine – The Second Revelation

January 2016: Conquest’s Hammer – The Third Revelation


Here’s the blurb for Death’s Mantle:

The four horsemen have come.

A mythical cyclops has awakened.

They have been charged.

An enormous serpent has risen in the ocean.

And they will bring about the end.

A vengeful god walks the earth.

Only they don’t know it yet.


I want to make this post even though making it scares me. Why? Because I don’t want to jinx myself. Why? Because I’m selling preorders of Pursuit, like actually selling them. There are people (somewhere?) that like my Lillim books so much that they are buying the fourth book already.

In February, I sold more books than I have in all the time until February. Not like 2 or 3 more, like a hundred more. Still, I netted all of 1 preorder for Fairy Tale which just released a week ago. Fairy Tale is selling like gang busters compared to how Hatter did in its first month. I think Fairy Tale already outsold all of the Hatter sales in the whole month it was out, and it’s been out a week.

Pursuit is on track to do even better. What are you people on crack? Don’t you know I wrote these things, and they are horrible little jobs that sit in my drawer while I pine away that someone is going to finally realize I’m a fraud, break into my house, and steal my cat?

I’m just flabbergasted, absolutely over the moon that people like my books so much that they are preordering them. Who does that? Crazy people (but in a good way).

And you know what? Abby Banks’s May Contain Spies is so much freaking better than Kill it With Magic is. Like a thousand, million times better. I’ve never been more excited to release a book, in well, ever.

All that said, I’m still working really hard on Lillim 5 (I’m about 20% into it), and did I mention I started writing a Caleb book? By book, I mean serial. It will come out in episodes, I’m thinking every two weeks, and eventually get pulled into a full volume. The first one is already done. I want to get about three episodes “finished” before I start releasing.

Pursuit – Preorder

I got the final version of the cover for the fourth Lillim Callina novel, Pursuit, today, and in honor of that, I decided to put it up for preorder on Amazon. Check it out here.


Seventeen year old Lillim Callina has faced her fair share of high-powered bad guys. From fire-breathing dragons to Celtic Death Gods, Lillim has seen them all, but when a rival from her past threatens not only her, but her parents, friends, and way of life, only one question remains.

How many people are going to die before Lillim brings him to justice?


Kill It With Magic – Preorder

Well, I have news for you folks out there in blog land. I just got back Kill It With Magic in ebook form on Sunday night. So, last night I submitted it for preorder with Amazon and when I woke up at 5 AM (thank you howling outside cats) the book was ready to be all purchased. So, without further ado, I present to you Kill It For Magic is now available for pre-order.

KIll It With Magic