This is another post about the magical 2005 San Diego Comic-Con. This is when I met Robert Kirkman. I heard he was going to be there, and I decided to bring along my favorite Marvel Zombies Cover.  It’s this one right here.

Now, I don’t know if anyone else has had the same experience, but Kirkman was like the nicest guy ever. I waited in line for maybe 10 minutes; I was somewhat surprised no one was there.  I hadn’t really heard of Kirkman at the time, other than knowing he had just done Marvel Zombies. Maybe, it was the same for everyone else.  I assume that nowadays he would fill a huge line of Walking Dead Fans.  
He told me that this was his favorite cover and asked why I’d picked it.  I said that it was my favorite as well because the original Todd McFarlane cover was so cool.  I then asked him why, after the adventures in Ultimate Fantastic Four, he killed Magneto immediately in Marvel Zombies.  
He said that he had wanted to keep Magneto alive, but worried the story would become a Magneto story instead of a “Zombies” story.  That’s when I realized he was a good writer.  He was able to kill off a character he liked to make a better story.  
I would like to note that Arthur Suydam, the guy who drew the cover, was also at the show but refused to sign my comic book unless I bought something from him.  Here I was, a broke college kid, and the cheapest thing at his booth was over $250.  I remember having a similar experience with a wolverine artist when I was about 13.  
The guy refused to sign my comic, and it was probably the reason I stopped buying wolverine comics as a kid.  He did wind up signing it when this hot girl walked up and got an autograph and I asked her to get mine signed too.  
I’m still kinda mad about it almost twenty years later.  
The experience with Suydam was especially infuriating because Kirkman had been so nice.  It would have been really cool to get it signed by both of them, especially since I liked his artwork so much.  
I think if I have the opportunity to get Suydam to sign this comic, I will.  But I just may bring up his douchyness AFTER he signs my book.
I also met JMS, or J. Michael Straaczynski at the same show.  It was funny, a friend of mine and I waited in line for about fifteen minutes to get his autograph.  I had known he was going to be there so I brought my copy of Supreme Power #1.
I am a huge fan of JMS’ Supreme Power; I have no idea why except that it is awesome, and Zarda totally has that booby thing going on. Basically, the only thing I knew about JMS, when I met him, was that he wrote this book. I had no idea he wrote Babylon 5 or any of those tv shows.  It wasn’t until I saw all the Sci Fi fans lining up with their respective memorabilia that I realized he had written the shows.  That seemed kind of cool to me.  
As I said earlier , I really liked this series, and I was really happy to have my Supreme Power #1 signed.  
The fourth person I met at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con was Brian K. Vaughn.  I happened to be walking by and saw he was signing.  I often wander by the booths to see if I recognize anyone (even today) and this time I saw Brian.  There really wasn’t even a line which surprised me.

Since I wasn’t prepared, I ran across the hall to another booth and purchased this comic.  I then sprinted back and managed to get him to sign the book for me.  It was sort of funny because about an hour later I was sitting in a Marvel Panel, and they introduced Brian saying he had just finished his only autograph session.

It made me really happy to have gotten this because had I attended the panel first I would have been immensely sad to hear he had signed, and I missed it.

I may post about some other author meetings in the future, but I really wanted to mention these ones.

Orson Scott Card

In 2005, I attended San Diego Comic-Con.  I began attending in 2003 and have attended every year since (except this year).

What was special this year was that I knew certain people were going to be there.  What I did not know was that Orson Scott Card of Ender’s Game fame was going to be there.

I got lucky, you see.  I was in a Marvel Ultimates Panel, and they brought out Mr. Card. He talked about doing Ultimate Iron Man.  I was like “wow I’ve read all the Ender’s Game books, I’m going to go pick up Iron man.”

So I went and bought issues number 1 and 2. A little while later, I happened to be walking by the booth and lo and behold, Mr. Card was signing.

I was able to get him to sign both books.  He even took a picture with me.  I was so nervous that I could barely talk to him.  I mean I’d spent so much time with his books.  I did ask him if Bean was ever going to die.  He said that he really wants to kill Bean and that it will happen eventually. Remember, this was 2005.

The other cool thing about this was that I was able to get him to sign the comics.  If this had happened last year while I was at comic con I would never have been able to happen onto a guy like Orson Scott Card and walk into line to get his autograph.  The line would wrap around the entire state of California.

I got several other autographs this year, it was the first year I came somewhat prepared to get comics signed.  I will post the other ones over the next few days.  Still though, while I wish I’d have brought some of my hardcover Ender’s Game novels, (many other people had them), these are probably some of my favorite comics to have signed.