So, how are things?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a status update. I figured now was as good of a time as any. Heart of Gold, the secret project with JB Garner, is now with the editor and the cover I just got from Lou Harper is amazing. Expect to see it end of July, with Heart of Gold 2 coming end of August and Heart of Gold 3 coming in September. At least, that’s the plan now. We’re already writing book 2, so hitting the deadline shouldn’t be an issue. I hope.

I’m about 65% of the way done writing Cursed 5. It’s taking longer than I expected for a couple reasons. One was Heart of Gold took more time than I expected. The other was I’ve been juggling a lot of different balls. I expected to be done with the first draft by now, but man… Day jobs, right?

In other news, I just saw the mockups for the new covers for the Lillim Callina Chronicles, including Ghost World and Fatal Ties (I guess that makes them real, right?) and they’re simply amazing. Like, I seriously can’t wait to show them off. If you’re in the street team, you saw Pursuit, eh? The rest are even better. I mean, OMG Wardbreaker!

After I finish Cursed 5, which is titled Claimed, I’m going to start on the seventh Lillim book, Fatal Ties. I’m hoping for an August release. If not, September for sure. Either way, you’re getting a new Lillim book, and the tentative plan is for Thes from Under Wraps to play a major part in the book. I mean, we all read the ending to Unwrapped. If you haven’t you’re missing out.

The book after Fatal Ties is where I’m stuck. I’m working on a book featuring Danton from the Cursed series. I think I’m going to do that next and follow with Cursed 6. Or maybe I’ll do Cursed 6 and then the Danton book. Either way, that’s where I’m at.

Maybe I’ll do Dirge. I mean, it’s almost done. So much to do. Man, at this rate, I’m never getting to The Last Necromancer.


A couple people have emailed me now about editing in general, so I thought I’d doctor an email I sent to someone into a post because I think it makes an awesome post. So, yeah, if you’re not a writer or have no interest in editing, I’d skip this post. It’s okay, it won’t hurt my feelings. You know, unless you tell me.

The first thing is to remember that there are 4 types of editing (and honestly copy and line are really very similar) and you need to know which one you are getting, for simplicity’s sake, I’ll paste them below.

1. Substantive/big-picture/developmental editing: This focuses on the pacing of your story, your story arc, and your character arc. The developmental editor reads the story and makes comments as a whole about ways to tighten your work. She’ll make suggestions to help people connect with your characters, make your plot twists and ending more climactic and help your hero be less of a zero.

2. Line-editing. Line-editors go through and cleans up inconsistencies in your sentences, tighten the language, and generally nitpick awkward sentences. She’ll also point out when you write something that means something other than your thought it did, or that might convey two different meanings.

3. Copy-editing. This stage is more focused on errors within your own story. Did Jan start out as a fifteen year old girl and morph into a twenty-seven year old English professor? Did the main character’s house miraculously change from blue with white trim to orange with yellow trim? Did your main character fire fifteen rounds from a gun that only carries six shots? Many copy editors will have their areas of specialty. Some might know everything there is to know about World War II, but won’t have a clue about the latest fashions in Paris, France.

4. Proofreading. Proofreaders read your manuscript very closely. They are focused on finding typos and grammar mistakes. They may point out awkward sentences or other errors, but aren’t focused on this.

Now that you know about the four types of editing, we can move on to the important part. Selecting an editor.

When I submit to an editor, I usually know which type of editing I want them to do and will say so. This is roughly what I expect:
An edited sample of my work, usually about 2000 words edited for free. This is for us both to decide if we even want to bother. This may not matter for you. It is important to note that some editors charge for this.

I will expect a cost quote and expected turnaround time as well as the confirmation of editing I will be receiving. If your editor is a decent person, she may tell you to work on your manuscript more before sending it to her. This is often a red flag that your manuscript is not ready for editing. It pays to give your manuscript some more love and attention before sending it out as this will save you a lot of time and money.

I will expect her to tell me when she is available to take the work. (This is usually the deal breaker for me.)

I will expect her to look over certain things (within reason) and answer questions after the edit is complete.

I want them to use MS word track changes.

Most of these things can and should be discussed beforehand. After all, your editor is running a business and you are a client. Some communication around how the setup will work is a must to avoid disagreements that could have been sorted out before both of your extended time and effort.

As to me personally? I do not pay a significant amount for developmental editing anymore. It is not very different from beta reading assuming you have a skilled beta reader/ critique partner and have been at this for a while. I fully believe there is a point where most writers who have written and practiced enough can put out a story that won’t lead to massive revision. In my case, my first draft and my last draft do not change significantly. This was not the case with my earlier novels, but seventeen novels later it is.

That said, some developmental editors are very good and can greatly reduce your floundering time, especially when you are just starting. Paying a good one might be expensive, but will definitely be helpful.

I’ll list some people I, or people I know, have used just as a way of sharing costs and giving recommendations.

As far as beta reading going, Maia Sepp is very good at this (uber beta reading) and charges roughly $0.002 per word for her services which is a steal. I’ve worked with a couple other beta readers that charge $1 per 1,000 words and some that charge $1.50 per 1,000 words. It takes about a week to do one of my MS for Maia. The others were about the same.

My current editor, Laura Kingsley combines developmental editing with line editing for $0.004 per word. I almost always get this package and forego the beta. Turn around for my 60k MS is about 2 days per pass.

My proofreader, Donna Rich only does proofreading. She’s worked on many very well selling books. Her rate is $50 per 30k words. it’s a little annoying because 61k is $150 and 60k is $100 but it is what it is. Turn around is 1 day for my MS. She doesn’t have a website but her email is

Courtney Umphress is an editor I know many people who have used for Copy editing, but her copy editing seems similar to line editing as I’ve described it. She charges $0.006 per word, but I’m told she works with people too, so it may wind up being a little lower. She also offers proofreading at $0.003 per word. Turn around time for a typical 75k MS is 1 week.

Tammi Labrecque is one of the editors used by Chris Fox who wrote the bestselling Deathless series. She charges $0.01 per word for copy editing and $0.005 for proofreading and is highly recommended.

Martha Hayes is an amazing editor. She does Mark Dawson’s books as well as many others. She is almost always booked a couple months out. I inquired in July 2015, and she was booking November 2015. She does line, copy, and dev editing in a single pass for $0.009 per word. She will do a second pass for $0.0045 per word. She doesn’t have a website but her email is

Anne Victory is considered by many to be the gold standard for editing. She offers a full bracket of services and works with all the stars. She starts at $0.02 per word for editing. It’s a little crazy.

Todd Barselow was the editor I used for the first three lillim books. (Kiwm, hatter, Fairy Tale). He has worked on many best selling books including some by Anne Rice’s son Christopher. He is the type of guy that can guess your whole story from a few paragraphs so he doesn’t get lost in the same way a normal reader would. He is easy to work with and your MS will come back with every nook and cranny caught. He offers proofreading, dev, and copy in one single pass. He charges between $4.00 and $7.00 based on the quality of the MS. Turn around time for a typical 75k MS is 1 month.

Eliza Dee is an editor that has worked on a lot of books that do very well. I know she worked on several of Wayne Stinnet’s bestselling thriller books. She has a range of services (copy, proof, dev) and pricing that moves accordingly. $0.006–$0.03 depending on what you get.

Mary Novak is an editor I’m not super familiar with, but I know she is used by Jasmine Walt who writes the Burned by Magic series. She offers a full range of packages and often works with people.


Now, while I recognize that an editor has to work, I would look for an editor who has worked on stuff that sells well. For a new author who may not have a lot of money to spend, I’d be hesitant to pay more than $0.005 per word unless she had recommendations from someone awesome. (And I don’t mean one of the fly by night lightning in a bottle writers either, someone with a proven track record) I say this because while editing might kill your book, especially if your craft is suffering, no one will read your book if it doesn’t have an awesome cover. If you can afford both, groovy, if not, go with cover.

Personally, I think my current editor undercharges. She worked on both Cursed and Marked.

As a caveat, I have been told by several very well selling authors that one of their biggest mistakes early on was using an editor who specialized in say magazine and news articles as it’s totally different.

I have no idea if I’ve helped anyone at all, but feel free to ask me specific questions.

Cursed 2 Update

The first draft is done and came in at 58K words, so it’s a bit longer than the original. I hope that’s okay. The ending is awesome, by the way. You know, in case you wondered.

The arc readers club, you know who you are, should expect to see it sometime next week, and I’ll be releasing it about a week later. Sorry guys, I’ll try to give you more time with the next one. I blame February. They gave me an extra day, but it wasn’t enough. Sigh.

Stay tuned because I’m planning to reveal the cover and title on 3/12! I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m just as excited as you guys.


Wardbreaker is out!

So Wardbreaker, the Lillim Callina prequel is out. You can get a copy here. I’m told it’s awesome, especially the part where she leaps from a burning helicopter, force grabs the fleeing, parachuting pilot, and slingshots into a building. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

In other news, I just got Mind Games back from the editor last night. It’s still got two more rounds of edits to go (line editing and proofreading) before release at the end of the month, but hey, skin of my teeth and all that.

Anyway, my editor says it’s one of my best efforts yet and that my first chapter is close to perfect. So, I’m impressed with myself. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m only about 5k words into the third Thes Mercer book, but I’m going to try my damndest to have it written in time for a November release. It’ll be tight, but hey, what’s that whole thing about opportunity looking like work? One day, opportunity will look like margaritas on the beach…

So… news…

I finished Abby 3 a while back. I was going to make a post about it. Didn’t. Sorry. Anyway, it’s with the editor for line editing now, which is the step after developmental editing. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and the last third is awesome. But is it too much? I don’t know, time will tell.

That said, I’m about 15k into Wardbreaker, which if you didn’t know, is the Lillim Callina Chronicles prequel. It’s sort of a new book one and it sort of isn’t. The problem is, as I’m writing it, I feel like it’s terrible.

It’s weird because I really enjoyed the first two chapters or so, but I’m worried Lillim fans won’t like this book. I also realized I was writing 2.5k-3k chapters, so even though it’s only what 6 chapters it’s about 15k words. I’m worried the long chapter length will make the book drag.

Part of the reason I wanted to write this book was to iron out some details of Lillim’s world that feel a little overly complicated, but I feel like every time I try to bring in an explanation, it bogs the book down, and I wind up cutting it.

I’m sure I’m just being hyper sensitive… I thought Hardboiled was terrible too.

I think part of my problem with Wardbreaker is that Lillim is too much the reluctant hero. In Kill it with Magic, Lillim is sort of dragged into the story innocuously, but once she’s there, it’s sort of this self-sustaining chemical reaction for the whole book. This happens in pretty much all five of the books. It happens in Abby as well.

Thes doesn’t do that per se, but he sort of does.

In this book, every time I get to that tipping point, the one which would throw Lillim into it whole hog, she somehow goes the other way. Part of it is the way the damn story got set up.

I mean, Lillim comes to earth and she’s this bad ass. She’s looking around and is like why are there so many monsters around, and this hunter is begging her to kill them. And so she does because that’s her job. But at the same time she’s this scared little girl running away from everything she knew. Does she want to get caught? Not really.

She hasn’t reached that whole “I’m going to kick ass and take names” stage yet. She’s still in the “I’m not sure I can do this” stage. It’s the arc of the book, getting her to accept that she is, in fact, badass.

But it’s so boring… By now, Abby would have killed 47 people with a hotdog bun and Thes would have disemboweled a god.

Lillim? Lillim is eating bacon because she’s never done that before… but at least there’s vampires. And mine don’t sparkle.

Death’s Mantle

Firstly, Abby 2, The Spy Within, is now available for preorder on Amazon. It will release July 20, 2015. I have gone through one round of editing, and the manuscript is currently sitting at 61k words. So basically, my second edit added 5k words. I’m hoping to have the final revision done next week.

So, what have I been working on now? A little trilogy I call Revelations. See, a long, long time ago, in a highschool not so far away, I wrote a story. It was absolutely horrible. I’ve rewritten this story probably four times over the years. So… what’s going on now? I’m rewriting it one last time. I’m not sure if it will wind up being good or not, but I’m determined to find out.

I’m about halfway done right now, and the crux of the story is this: There’s four horsemen, and they need to stop Ragnarok, which is absolutely insane. It will be part of a trilogy, the first of which is called Death’s Mantle. This will be my first third person book, though technically Shattered was in third person.


Here’s the tentative release schedule for Revelations:

August 2015: Death’s Mantle – The First Revelation

November 2015: War and Famine – The Second Revelation

January 2016: Conquest’s Hammer – The Third Revelation


Here’s the blurb for Death’s Mantle:

The four horsemen have come.

A mythical cyclops has awakened.

They have been charged.

An enormous serpent has risen in the ocean.

And they will bring about the end.

A vengeful god walks the earth.

Only they don’t know it yet.

Time, Scope, and Fury

I got the first round of revision back from my editor on Hardboiled, the fifth Lillim book, Friday night and managed to send it back for line editing Sunday night. I got an email this morning from her saying that, basically, my genre (comicbook/videogame action) is right on the cusp of taking off or something. I guess she has a lot of writers from other genres (romance) trying to write what I do.

I don’t really get that, but hey, I guess she’d know.

Anyway, during the course of the email I sort of was laying out my plans which are more like a comic book event. Basically, I’m going to spin off a web of books that kind of all go together. If I pull it off, you should be fine just reading any of the series, but hopefully, I can pull you into the other ones. At least, that’s the goal.

I want to do something like this:

Lillim: 5 and 6 (maybe 7)

Thes: 1-3 (Under Wraps series)

Mal: 1-3 (Revelations series)

Thes’ wife: 1 (oh is that a spoiler mwa ha)

I sort of stole the idea from comic books. See they do these big “events” every year or two where suddenly the story is spread across all their lines. It sort of breaks those books out. So even though you don’t read Iron Man or the New Avengers, you go buy Iron Man 867 and New Avengers 53 because they tie into an event that started in Spider-Man 712 and X-men 465.

I want a reader who is interested in “the event” to be able to grab Lillim 5 after Thes or Mal and be okay, even if they haven’t read the first four. I think this happens now if my beta reader is right. Of course, ideally, a reader would read the first 4 Lillim books, but those aren’t part of the event.

The only problem is it takes me about a month to write a book and about a week to edit it. Lillim five is just about done, thankfully, and I’m about halfway done writing Under Wraps. I want to finish it this week so I can start Abby 2, even though I sort of cheated and wrote the first chapter already. (I also wrote the first chapter of a Lillim Prequel and of Thes’ wife #1)

I’ve come to the conclusion I do not have enough time to do this, especially if I want to write Abby 2 and 3 before Christmas. I want either Abby 3 or Mal 3 to come out in December. The other will be in November. The problem is that I’m looking at nine more books to finish my event, which is crazy because that will be something like half a million words. That’s not counting the Abby books.

Anyway, I’m just going to have to figure out how to write faster. I’m going to try and push from my 2-3k words a day to 5kish. If I can do that, then I will be able to bang out a book in fifteen days or so. Of course I could slow down, but books in my head don’t sell unfortunately.

Also, I’ve got some really cool ideas for the first Gamer Girl book. I think this one’s going to be good. I’m going to try and finish the outline this week for that. I want to lead off the year with Gamer Girl, but I need to close down some of these series first. Thankfully, Thes, Abby, and Mal are designed as trilogies. That may change, but well, shrug.

I also got a really interesting review for Alone in the Dark, my short story. Basically, I infuriated the reader, but in a good way.

I finally have a cover for the Caleb Missions. I’m going to try and put them up in the next week or two. I’d like to get two or three more written, and I only have two. Sigh.

Fairy Tale – Chapter 1

Hello again. It’s me, though I don’t know who else it could be. I’d like to let you all know that I got Fairy Tale back from the editor yesterday (it’s at the formatter now) , and in honor of that and as per usual, I’m going to post the first chapter below.  Be forewarned, Fairy Tale is the first book I experimented with longer chapters. Enjoy!


Chapter 1

The “No Accidents Since 1908” sign crashed into my front door, narrowly missing me as I leapt to the side and slammed haphazardly into the remains of my blackened husk of a couch. I tucked my body into a roll that left me covered in ash and debris and came up on my feet, fists raised in a fighting stance. The only thing that greeted me was the burned out shell of my apartment.

The beam the sign had been attached to creaked and groaned. I grimaced as it broke free of the ceiling and smashed into what was left of the bathroom wall, tearing a sky-light-sized hole in the ceiling.

“That’s it,” I growled. “It’s time to punch the Fairy Queen in the face.”

Just because she was like four inches tall and all sparkly, didn’t mean she could ignore a job she agreed to do. Since I’d contacted the pint-sized pixie to rebuild my apartment three weeks ago, I’ve been randomly dropping in to see what progress they’ve made. The short answer? None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I glanced at the safety sign impaled in my front door. “Well, they’ve hung a sign, that’s progress right?” I asked no one in particular because the place was empty, again.

So far, I hadn’t managed to catch them working even once. Every single time I called, the line just rang and rang or went straight to a voicemail that was full. How voicemail boxes even got full nowadays was completely beyond me.

I sighed and tapped at the device on my wrist. It glowed with soft white light, humming like one of those portable, electric fans people carry around on hot days. Just like that the scene around me melted away.

Sunlight streamed through the window to my left, hitting me square in the face. I glared at the window and flopped onto my borrowed bed, annoyed. Originally, I’d thought I’d chosen a poor place for my bed, but all of the beds were arranged so that sunlight always streamed into your face after first light which was at some stupid hour like before noon. I firmly believed that the sun did not come out until well after mid-day.

I grumbled and rolled onto my bed, stripping off my clothes in the process. It was like trying to get comfortable on cement. I bunched my pillow around my head and tried to ignore the relentless rays of sunlight determined to keep me awake, despite the fact I was out fighting monsters all night.

This was part of the reason I was so angry at the damn fairies. Since my apartment had been thoroughly destroyed when Grollshanks threw a car through my front door three weeks ago, I was staying with my mother. This sounded worse than it was.

For starters, I was only seventeen years old. Most seventeen year olds lived at home so I was fairly sure that this reduced my coolness factor to about normal. Secondly, my mother ran a supernatural army known as the Dioscuri, and I was only borrowing a bed in one of the barracks. This was a big deal for me, personally, however. I couldn’t remember the last time I stayed for even a few minutes in the Dioscuri headquarters in the floating city of Lot.

I was mostly a run away from home and hide type of girl. If you grew up like I did, you would understand why. Part of it was that I still hadn’t quite come to terms with being the reincarnation of one of the most powerful Dioscuri the world has ever seen.

But, more importantly, I was used to having my own space and stuff. I was not used to sharing a dormitory with a bunch of other girls. Granted, there was only one other girl in this particular barracks, and since a good two-thirds of the city was badly damaged from a fight with a clan of orcs, non-destroyed space was in especially high demand.

Most of the other barracks were so packed to the brim with people it was common for girls and boys to share. The thought of being stuffed into a thirty bed room with a bunch of smelly male teens made my stomach twitch. The thought that they might be trying to sneak peeks or, worse yet, watch me sleep, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up straight.

I wouldn’t be in this position if those little fairies got their stupid butts in gear and rebuilt my apartment. I hadn’t even seen one damn fairy since I commissioned them. And now that I thought about it, the fairies have been doing a pretty shoddy job for a while now. The two months prior to the event with the giant, car-flinging orc, were so bad that I actually did a load or two of laundry myself, and if you knew me even a little bit, that was saying something. Cleaning was something Lillim Callina did not do. It was right there with cooking and homework.

I sat up in my way too hard little bed and nearly smacked my forehead on the underside of the bed above me. I managed to stop myself only inches from the solid iron bed frame and swallowed with relief. That would have hurt.

I scrambled out of the bed and nearly tripped over my nest of blankets. I took three rather awkward steps trying to right myself before a hand grabbed me by the shoulder and steadied me.

“What’s got you all in a rush, Lillim?” Kishi, the girl I was sharing the barracks with, asked in her songbird voice. She was one of those ancient beauty types. The kind that were frequently sequestered inside castles waiting to be saved by princes.

Her long, dark hair flowed down her back in a silken wave, and her bright green eyes sparked like jewels in the noontime sun. It made her look radiant even though she was dressed in a red, hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I stood next to her, it made me a little jealous. Being around her when a group of guys walked by reminded me of one of those movies. You know the kind where everyone else fades from view and the hero can only see the heroine? I was one of the fade-away girls, and there were times when I hated her for it.

“The fairies are in trouble. I have to go see what’s wrong,” I gasped, already throwing off her hand and rushing toward the door.

“Maybe you want to put some pants on first.” She laughed, a cute little sound that reminded me of puppies and sunshine.

I grumbled at her as a blush spread across my face. “Fine!” I snapped because well… she was right and I wasn’t about to go adventuring in my underwear. I rummaged through my duffel bag for something to wear as Kishi sat on her bunk watching me, which was a little odd because I was half-dressed.

A few minutes later I was clad in jeans and a forest green t-shirt, and as I moved to walk past her out the door she got up to follow me.

“I don’t really like fairies very much,” Kishi said. “They get everything all dusty. Sometimes, after they clean, you have to go behind them with a vacuum. I always wind up re-cleaning the whole place anyway.” Kishi shook her head as she followed me toward what was left of the transportation center.

“That must be a profitable side business. I heard that stuff is more valuable than gold,” I said with a smirk. Just imagining someone following after the fairy cleaners with a dirt devil trying to clean-up the nearly non-existent amount of fairy dust left behind made me smile. I would never, not in a million years, be able to even notice the dust, let alone be bothered to clean it up.

“I wouldn’t know. I turn it straight into R and D,” she said with a smile before covering her mouth and leaning toward me conspiratorially. “Have you ever tried it?”

“Tried what? Fairy dust?” I asked, glancing at her. This was a side of Kishi I’ve never seen before. Well, to be honest, being that she was a councilman’s daughter meant that I’d have little contact with her anyway. I didn’t know any side of her, so maybe this was the normal side of her.

I was the daughter of Diana Cortez, the Sagalie Tyee of the Dioscuri, and Sabastin Callina, the leader of the judges, and still I wasn’t really good enough to “mix” with the councilmen’s children. Us fighting types weren’t exactly encouraged to mix with the “nobility.” Then again, that may have been more to do with me being Dirge Meilan reborn. Who was to say?

Anyway, for all I knew the councilmen stood around snorting fairy dust or doing whatever it was you did with the stuff.

“What is it you do with fairy dust anyway?” I asked, glancing sidelong at Kishi. “And why are you following me?”

“You eat it. It tastes divine. You’ve eaten a candy swizzle right? It makes those things taste like dog poo.” She smiled at me. It was like watching the sunrise for the first time. I shook my head and looked away.

Of course I’ve tasted a candy swizzle. In my former life, I dated the guy who created them. Hiro Hideko created a synthetic “candy” that tasted exactly like whatever you wanted most. People were known to draw blood over the things when supplies ran low. It was why they weren’t made anymore. If fairy dust tasted better than that, I couldn’t even imagine what people would do for the stuff.

A shiver ran down my back at the thought. Maybe someone following them with a hoover wasn’t quite as unreasonable as I initially thought.

“You still didn’t tell me why you’re following me,” I said.

“It took you three tries to get out of the barracks fully clothed. If I hadn’t stopped you, you’d have run out here in just your bra and panties. If something was so important that you, the queen of prudes, would forget to put on a pair of pants, I thought I should keep an eye on you,” she said before leaning close to me and whispering into my ear. “Besides, I’ve heard about your adventures. They seem like fun.”

“Fun? They weren’t fun. They were scary and terrifying and I thought I was going to die like a thousand times over.” My stomach tensed as images of being crushed by a giant dragon clashed with those of the Blue Prince flinging me from the top of a building. And that was only the tip of the iceberg. “You seriously need a new definition of the word fun.”

Kishi’s body stiffened a little at the comment, and I nearly stumbled over her. Note to self: when someone is leaning close to you and stops suddenly, be ready to avoid her if you don’t want to end up in a heap on the floor.

“You know how many times I’ve seen real battle?” Her eyes were hard, and her voice made me look around for somewhere to hide. It was like the gunshot that scatters all the wildlife.

Very slowly, she raised one hand and held up a single finger. “Once when the orcs attacked a few weeks ago.” She held up a second finger. “When Manaka sieged the city.”

I waited for her to continue, but she did not. Maybe that was the point. Maybe that was her entire point. I was going to try to argue with her, to say something along the lines of “she should be happy she didn’t have machine gun toting maniacs kicking down her door.” I probably should have told her to be glad that no one threw a car through her front door.

I did not do those things because a thought struck me. Warthor Ein, my old master, was incredibly powerful. So powerful that dragons were scared of him. Like Kishi, he was a member of one of the noble houses.

Perhaps… perhaps he wasn’t the exception to the rule. Maybe, just maybe he was the rule because now that I thought about it, Manaka was a noble too… All of the people I could think of with noble blood were really damn strong.

I couldn’t imagine having that kind of power and not being able to use it because people didn’t want me to get hurt. That would drive me crazy. I also knew that no one was likely to take Kishi seriously if her parents didn’t want it to happen. No one really wants to wind up on the wrong side of council members.

To go on an adventure, she would have to get in with someone who didn’t care about rules and had just enough juice to make punishment not really stick. In short, I was her only hope of getting out there into the real world.

“Kishi, I’m going to let you tag along. If you’re incredibly lucky all you’ll get out of it is going to be a few scars.”

Spying The End

I wanted to make this post before it got too far away. I finished Abby Banks on Friday! Woo. Now I just need to finish my edit and send it to the beta reader. She’s supposed to get it tomorrow… gulp.

I also listened to the first 2 chapters of the audio book looking for errors, which is pretty neat. I have like 9 available and they’re like 15 minutes each so you do the math…

It’s really fun to listen to them though.

Finally, I’m supposed to get Fairy Tale back tomorrow, and I’ll have to hustle to get it edited and formatted so its release can coincide with the promotions for Kill it With Magic on Feb 16-20.

May Contain Spies

I’ve been relatively busy the last few days with stuff. I think I may have come up with a title for Abby Banks. Originally I was going to go with something like Broken Out or Seized… but you know what the problem is with those titles? They aren’t me.

That’s when I came up with May Contain Spies, and I’m reasonably pleased with it. I had tossed around the idea of The Accidental Spy but, apparently, that’s a Jackie Chan movie. Who knew?

The book needs to go to the beta reader in exactly one week, and the cover artist is, I assume, hard at work! Look for the book in April.

I’m also scheduling a $.99 promotion for Kill It with Magic on 2/16-2/21, and I’m excited because I was able to get some pretty heavy hitters to list my promotion.

Those dates, interestingly enough, coincide with the approximate release of Fairy Tale.

Finally, I listened to the first fifteen minutes of the audio version of Kill it with Magic. It’s partway through production now, and you should expect to see it in March. That will be approximately when Pursuit releases.

Then you can listen to Lillim Callina in all her, um, glory? I don’t know.

Now I just need to finish Abby Banks. It’s been three chapters from done for over a week now. I keep writing chapters, and the book keeps getting longer. I’m at the part where Stephen is slowly being lowered into a tank filled with sharks, so how much longer could it possibly be? (Wouldn’t you like to know if I’m joking?)

Also, Sheena is a punk rocker.

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