All Wrapped Up

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Betrayed. Broken-hearted. Trapped.

Thes Mercer journeyed to Ancient Egypt for one purpose, to rescue his friend’s soul. Now, soul in hand, Thes has three problems to solve before he can get home.

The first involves Khufu, the ancient pharaoh who built the great pyramid of Giza on his quest to stop Apep from taking over the world, no matter the cost.

The second is Sekhmet, the beautiful Egyptian goddess of War who was captured by Apep when she tried to help Thes recover his friend’s soul.

The third is Apep himself. The ancient Egyptian god of darkness and chaos has risen at long last and has banished Egypt’s mightiest heroes into a black hole so powerful even sunlight cannot escape its grasp.

If Thes wants to get back home and save his friend, he’ll have to find a way to stop Apep before the entire planet is engulfed in darkness. The only problem is, in a land where ancient Egyptian gods walk the earth, Thes will have to rely on some unlikely allies. See problems one and two.

Read Chapter 1 here.

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