Going Rogue

So, I’m at an interesting place writing wise. See, I’d hoped to do a few LitRPG books and call it a day, and what not. Maybe toss in another Lillim book and the Danton spin off series, but then I had an idea that wouldn’t get out of my head about a witch who goes into space and beats down aliens.

I have no idea if it will sell or if anyone will like it, which is a bit scary, but hey, at some point you’ve got to write a book for you, right?

Anyway, I’m about halfway through it now, and I guess you guys will get to see firsthand if it’s good or not, assuming you grab it of course.

On that note, I also started reading Timothy Zahn’s Conqueror series, and I really can’t tell what I think of it. Part of me wants to like it, but part of me is bored by everything but the conquerors. Hopefully, it gets better, but since I grabbed all three books at the used book store for a whole $1.50 (total) I’ll likely finish the trilogy.

You know, it’s also a touch weird because I’m sitting in my office at home writing this, and I sometimes forget that I’m actually a full time author now, that this is my job. I mean, I like making money as much as the next guy, but I’m not nearly as confident as some of the people I talk to. I don’t think any of my books are going to do well until they do (or don’t).

Still, it’s my job, and I’m thankful that I get to throw words on a page for a living. I couldn’t do it without you guys (all six of you reading this), and I’ll try to do better in the future.

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  • RJ

    Having confidence in yourself is more important than anything else.
    I hadn’t heard of your work before your LitRPGs, and I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit. Actually just picked up Ring of Promise as I type this. I really do enjoy your world even if I’m a bit harsh on them on Goodreads and message you the errors that I find. Whether or not that matters, I guess what I’m trying to say is, scary or not, thanks for your writing.

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