So, how are things?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a status update. I figured now was as good of a time as any. Heart of Gold, the secret project with JB Garner, is now with the editor and the cover I just got from Lou Harper is amazing. Expect to see it end of July, with Heart of Gold 2 coming end of August and Heart of Gold 3 coming in September. At least, that’s the plan now. We’re already writing book 2, so hitting the deadline shouldn’t be an issue. I hope.

I’m about 65% of the way done writing Cursed 5. It’s taking longer than I expected for a couple reasons. One was Heart of Gold took more time than I expected. The other was I’ve been juggling a lot of different balls. I expected to be done with the first draft by now, but man… Day jobs, right?

In other news, I just saw the mockups for the new covers for the Lillim Callina Chronicles, including Ghost World and Fatal Ties (I guess that makes them real, right?) and they’re simply amazing. Like, I seriously can’t wait to show them off. If you’re in the street team, you saw Pursuit, eh? The rest are even better. I mean, OMG Wardbreaker!

After I finish Cursed 5, which is titled Claimed, I’m going to start on the seventh Lillim book, Fatal Ties. I’m hoping for an August release. If not, September for sure. Either way, you’re getting a new Lillim book, and the tentative plan is for Thes from Under Wraps to play a major part in the book. I mean, we all read the ending to Unwrapped. If you haven’t you’re missing out.

The book after Fatal Ties is where I’m stuck. I’m working on a book featuring Danton from the Cursed series. I think I’m going to do that next and follow with Cursed 6. Or maybe I’ll do Cursed 6 and then the Danton book. Either way, that’s where I’m at.

Maybe I’ll do Dirge. I mean, it’s almost done. So much to do. Man, at this rate, I’m never getting to The Last Necromancer.

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Seized is finally out!

Seized is finally out and you can get it on Amazon US and Amazon UK!


My name is Mac Brennan, and in order to save my family, I made a deal with a devil. Now, that demon has come to collect his due. If I want to get back to my family, I’ll have to pull off one last job.

It sounds simple enough. Save a kidnapped girl from the succubus who runs New York City. I’ll be honest, he had me at rescue a kidnapped kid because I’ll be damned if I let some poor girl get taken from her family when I have the power to save her.

My name is Mac Brennan, and apparently, I’m a sucker who risks his life to save children.

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