Pure Pwnage

Does anyone remember Pure Pwnage? I loved that show. I especially liked when they were making fun of homestar runner and answering email. Haha

Anyway, I was thinking about that show and about uber micro. That’d be like a pretty sweet book. Like you had a hero who’s gamer skills translated into real powers, and she, um, had to play video games to like win at life. That could be a thing, right?

Only, that was too complicated and too ripped off. But the matrix was cool. That was basically a video game.

So what if someone wrote a book about a girl who was stuck in a game, knowing it was a game, and she had to win the game, from within? It’s a pretty easy premise, right?

Person enters contest.

Person fights odds

Person wins contest.

Everything else is just fluff. Like the part where she rides a dragon with a flaming sword. Or the part where the bad guy throws a building at her. Or maybe she finds love? That could happen, right? What if there was sabotage and people started, you know, dying during the game?

I dunno. I’m making this up as I go along, but I did write this:

Elsa Hope plays video games, like a lot, but this high school senior never expected to make it into the World in Ruin finals. The premise is simple. Find all eight treasures scattered throughout the world before the maelstrom’s forces devour everything in sight. The only catch? You can’t log off, you can’t go home, and you can’t die.

You can’t say that doesn’t sound a little interesting. I mean you can, but you’d be lying. Look for Gamer Girl: World of Ruin sometime in the next few months. You know, after I write Abby Banks 2 and Under Wraps. I have outlines, and I’m 8 days ahead of schedule.

Also, as of today, Hardboiled is officially with the beta reader. Side note, I got new covers for Hatter is Mad and Kill it with Magic. Now, I love my original covers, but there was fast coming a point where the first two books just did not match. So, I spoke with Shawn and he agreed. It was time for new covers.

I also hit my six month anniversary of publishing Kill It With Magic so I decided to make the book free. You can get it at virtually every retailer. FOR FREE. Don’t like Amazon? It’s at Barnes and Noble. Hate the nook? Try kobo? Or are you related to Steve Jobs and his ghost haunts you if you glance at a non-apple product? iTunes has you covered. Even Google has it. Tra la la.

Oh Happy Day

Do you know what today is? It is official “I finished the first draft of Hardboiled” day. Yup, that’s right! I just wrote the last line in Lillim 5, and I have no idea what to make of it. This is the best worst book I’ve ever written. I feel like I broke the damn story over my knee and sucked out the juices. Oh and cliff hanger? We gots one of those too, baby! Though I think the ending is still somewhat satisfying? I don’t know, I’ll see what the beta reader thinks. I’m sure she’ll hate it.

The first draft is just over 53k words, which is a little light, but there was a point at around 47k where I was like “either this will be two 50k books or one 90k+ book.”

I don’t think I have it in me to write a 90k word book right now when I have Abby 2 and Under Wraps banging around in my head. Did I mention I have an awesome idea for the bad guy in Abby 2? It will be great. I promise. FYI the title is The Spy Within.

Anyway, that’s all. Good luck, Godspeed, and all that.

Pursuit – Chapter 1

I, um, just realized that I never posted the first chapter of Pursuit. So here it is…

Chapter 1

Masataka Mawara stared at me with flat, emotionless sea-green eyes that reminded me of a shark circling its prey. The fingers of his right hand inched backward toward the trident strapped to his back. I bet if I moved suddenly, that trident would pass through the spot my head occupied so quickly I’d have trouble dodging it.

Behind him was an army of Dioscuri. They all wore the same black cowl over their heads that blocked their features from view so that I couldn’t tell who was who. Not that I’d have known who many of them were anyway because their identities were one of Lot’s best kept secrets. Why? Because each and every one of them was a royal guard, and as such, they could not be influenced.

“Lillim!” My mother called, breaking rank and striding toward me so quickly that it made me take a step backward. She was wearing her black Dioscuri fighting suit and nothing else. Where was her kimono? I swallowed as a sinking feeling filled my stomach. I’ve never seen her without one of her kimonos.

The cat suit clung to her body so tightly that it was very clear my mother’s body had held up remarkably well despite being older and having had a kid. I glanced down at myself in my blue jeans and red sweatshirt and fought the urge to poke myself in the tummy. Maybe I should stop with all the candy…

“Diana, know your place,” called a broad-shouldered man to her left. He was bald and sported a short black beard that reminded me of the devil or a pirate. “Do not break rank.”

“Stuff it, Reath,” my mother said over her shoulder as she came up to me. She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug that crushed me against her body.

I swallowed, suddenly confused and embarrassed, and tried to push her away as heat spread across my cheeks. “Mo—” I started to say as she put her lips to my ear and whispered, “Run!”

She released me, stepping back and staring at me with her cold brown eyes. I glanced around. I was still standing in fairy, just a couple inches from the border Kishi and I had crossed so long ago. Behind me, the sweltering heat of the Summer Court beat at my back, baking me in my clothes. At least I had a pass from the Summer Queen and was able to wear all my clothing. This would be really embarrassing if I was still in my underwear.

My mother looked down at the border just an inch shy of her toe and back at me. She nodded almost imperceptibly.

“Where is my daughter?” Reath thundered as he shouldered my mother out of the way. He stood in front of me in that hulking way big men do when they are trying to be intimidating.

“You’re Kishi’s father?” I asked, taking a nervous step back. His arms had to have been as big around as my thighs and his neck was like my torso. “What do they feed you, a herd of buffalo?” I blurted.

His face reddened and twisted into a snarling mask. Behind him, my mother suppressed a grin. “Yes, I am Kishi’s father,” he growled, narrowing his emerald eyes into slits. “Where is my daughter? If something happened to her… so help me.”

“She’s fine,” I said with a shrug. “She’s back at the Summer Court with the Queen of the Hot and Bright. You can go see her if you want. She’s being lavished by pixies. I hear there are bonbons and palm fronds involved.”

Reath glanced back over his shoulder at Masataka. When he nodded, Reath turned back to me. “You’re not lying.”

“Why would I be lying?” I asked, fixing him with my best glare. “I don’t exactly make a habit of it. In fact, if they gave out trophies for honesty, I’d have three.”

“I don’t know why you would be lying, but if I had to guess, it would have something to do with why the fairy queens revoked our free travel privileges into fairy.” Reath grimaced, showing entirely too many teeth. “Why are you here by yourself? Why is my daughter not with you?”

I opened my mouth to reply, but as I did so, my mother shook her head minutely.

“Diana, please excuse yourself,” Masataka said, taking a step forward. “You are influencing the suspect.”

My mother turned, and though I couldn’t see her face, her tone told me she was fixing him with the look she used to make vampires hide under the bed. “She is not a suspect. She is my daughter. You will show her more respect, Masataka.”

“She is a fugitive charged with the kidnapping of Kishi Al Akeer. Besides, she isn’t even your real daughter,” Masataka snarled. “She is an unauthorized reincarnation of Dirge Meilan masquerading about in your daughter’s body like some kind of parasite.”

“Why don’t you tell me how you really feel, Masataka?” I asked, fighting the simultaneous urge to throttle him and to cry.

“Step over that line, and I will, Lillim.” His face was set in grim determination as he swept his hand back in a grand gesture to show me the way past him.

“Come over here and make me, Masataka.” I stuck my tongue out at him and made a face. “Oh, that’s right, you can’t.”

“Your mother has protected you from me in the past, Lillim. But no more. If you do not come over here, I will step over that line and take you back to Lot. If you resist, I will hurt you.” Masataka’s face closed off so that it reminded me of a cold, unfeeling stature. He knelt down, picking up a handful of dirt at the border and letting it run through his hands. “I hope you resist.”

I glanced from him to my mother. She had a look on her face that betrayed nothing, and the sight of it sent a chill hopping down my spine like an icy toad. My mother wasn’t exactly good at controlling her emotions or facial expressions. When you’re the strongest person in the room, people tend to give you a pass on stuff like that. But, right now, my mother was trying… That was not good. What could make her do that?

“Lillim Callina, the charges against you are serious. You will return my daughter immediately and surrender yourself into Masataka’s custody,” Reath’s low baritone warbled through the air, and I glanced at him. I guess I should have been threatened by him, but I’d just killed a death god a few hours ago. Reath had nothing on Crom Cruach.

“Go find her yourself. She’s about half a day’s journey that way!” I pointed toward a cactus behind me with a particularly large vulture sitting atop it. “Aside from that, I’m not turning myself over to you.”

“Surely you have noticed your mother’s lack of adornment, the lack of her people here. Only my people are here,” Masataka said as he stood, hands motionless at his sides. “She cannot help you.”

“Mom, what’s going on?” I asked, turning toward her. “Warthor said you were coming with a squad, so I came to tell you we handled it already.”

My mother replied with a sigh. “I tried to get troops and people to come help, to come rebalance fairy but no one would listen to me. The council refused to authorize it. That is… until they realized Kishi was with you. Suddenly, I had these guys willing to come along. The only catch was, I couldn’t come, at least not in my capacity as head of the Dioscuri.”

“So you’re here as a subordinate?” I glanced at Masataka. “To him?”

“Yes,” Masataka said with a grin. “Until we return to Lot, I am the lead. Even your mother has to do what I say.”

“I feel like I should buy you a cake,” I said with a shrug. “You know, to celebrate you finally being in charge of something more important that your brother’s birthday party. Mitsoumi does still let you plan that, right?”

“Once we bring you back and have you executed for treason, I’ll make a cake from your bones.” Masataka grinned, and for the first time, well ever, I saw his eyes twinkle. “Won’t that be a dainty dish to set before the king?”

I turned and ran, sprinting back down the dunes as fast as my legs could carry me. I’d barely made it twenty feet when my mother screamed. It was a short, horrible sound that stopped me in my tracks. I whirled, swinging my body around so fast I lost my balance, tripping over my own feet and smacking into the sand.

I shook my head, spitting sand from my mouth as I scrambled to my feet. Masataka Mawara had my mother, the leader of the Dioscuri fighting forces, on her knees in front of him. With one hand, he jerked her head back by her hair and put a seven-inch black-bladed knife to her throat. It was a Becker BK7 and was thick enough to pry off a car door.

“Take one more step, Lillim. I double dog dare you,” Masataka called, his voice strangely genial. “Let’s see how much you love your mom. Part of me hopes it isn’t very much.”

“Lillim, keep running, don’t stop he can—” Masataka cut off my mother’s words by smacking her across the face with the butt of the knife. Her jaw went slack, and even from there, I could see it fall at a disjointed angle. Then her bones began to twist and writhe beneath her skin, sewing themselves back together.

“You know what’s awesome about people with supernatural healing?” Masataka asked, and the sight of his smile chilled me despite the relentless heat of the Summer Court. “You can torture them over and over, and just when they are about to die, they heal and you can start all over. Healers get all squeamish when you ask them to heal someone just so you can beat the tar out of them again, but when it’s natural… well…”

“You’re a freaking psychopath!” I screamed, and despite my better judgment, took a step toward him. “If you hurt her, I will kill you!”

Masataka drove the blade deep into my mother’s shoulder, hitting the spot just behind the collarbone. My mother screamed as he tore the blade out in a spray of red. He held it in the air in front of her eyes as my mother’s face twisted in pain. Drops of blood flowed down the knife, dripping off the tip and splattering against the sand in front of them.

“It probably goes without saying, but I can do this all day.” He drove the blade into her side, and my mother gasped. “And thanks to her demonic healing, well, she can too.”

“No!” I screamed. The air around me surged with power. The desert around me exploded into a rolling, seething ocean of sand as I charged straight at Masataka.

My hands ripped the twin blades of Shirajirashii from their sheathes as my mother looked up at me and shook her head. It hit me a second later. The moment I touched Masataka, I’d be declared a rebel and his entire army could come down on me like a hammer. I wanted, no needed to get her away from Masataka, but if I did, I’d be facing off against all of them… and my mother wanted me to run. Did she have a plan or was she just being noble?

I stopped, my body skidding in the sand, thanks to my momentum. Unfortunately, I slid over the border line and came to a stop just a few inches beyond it. The twin blades of Shirajirashii throbbed in my hands, and as I looked at the katana and wakazashi throbbing in my hands, I realized something.

Masataka Mawara had been waiting for the opportunity to kill me since the day I was born. He had put that trident through my chest when I was just a little girl. I still had a scar from it. I’d been the bigger person then. I’d saved his miserable life, and this, this was how he repaid me?

“What do you want from me?” I screamed as tears filled my eyes and spilled down my cheeks. He swallowed, adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he released my mother, pushing her to the side. Her body hit the ground with a thud as he stood before me.

He wasn’t very tall, standing only a few inches taller than me, but when you’re only five feet tall like me, everyone seems tall. Still, I could tell he wasn’t used to looking down at people. His gazed shifted to each of my swords and back to me.

The weapons quivered in my hands. I could take off his head before he could do anything to stop me. I was fast dammit. So fast. And… I swallowed. The pit in my stomach dropped into a huge chasm. Where was Mattoc… where was he to tell me what to do? I swallowed and blinked back the tears filling my eyes again.

Mattoc was gone. He’d given his life so we could save fairy and this jackass wanted to persecute me for it? I swung my head to the side and glared at Reath. His eyes were filled with rage and confusion as he watched me, his face set into a sort of bewildered mask.

“Call off your dog before I put him down,” I snarled, and my voice was so cold that it could have chilled a glacier. “I’m not in a very good place right now. I feel like I’m about to snap, and the absolute last thing you want me to do, is get really angry.”

Masataka looked me straight in the eye, and instead of speaking, he smiled. It was one of those creepy smiles that sent a chill hopping down my spine because it meant one thing. He wanted me to attack him.

Crossing Over

The last chapter I wrote for Lillim 5 is 3,500 words, which is freaking nuts. For Hatter and Kill it With Magic, I tried to shoot for 1,000 word chapters. After that, I tried for 2,000 word chapters, but I still break chapters when I need to do it.

How did this happen? I was writing this chapter where Lillim and Thes are walking through Tartarus eating a centaur. This is after they cross a river of fire (points if you know the name) on an ice bridge (thanks Sara). And I decided, how could you have a trip to Tartarus without meeting Kronos? The answer? You can’t.

So my 2,000 word chapter became 3,500 words of epic titanic goodness.

Anyway, this book is really interesting because earlier I wrote the scene that will tie into the revelations books. I think that was chapter 5? I did it all sly like, and you wouldn’t notice it probably unless you read both. So what does Kronos do? He sets us up for Under Wraps! I know, I know.

So yeah, I guess that means I actually have to write those books now.

I also jotted down the premise for Abby 2 after I scrapped my old outline for not being all Michael Bay explosiony enough. I think I’ve got a really good handle on a bad guy and what I want to do with Stephen and Lisa.

I also like how in English you can add a y to the end of virtually any word. I think that’s a thing.

Anyway, I think I’m finally hitting my stride with Lillim 5 now that it’s sitting at like 32k words. I have no idea what it will be at when I’m done, but it felt like a real uphill battle for the first 20k or so. The last 10k have been a breeze. I bet if I sat down and locked myself in a room for a weekend I could finish the whole thing, or you know, go insane because no beer and no TV make Homer go crazy.

I also finished Gone Girl the other day. I would encourage you to check it out, but I’ll be honest the whole book was a bit weird for me. I liked it. Then I didn’t like it. Then I got hooked again, and finally I was just tired and like “Can we please finish…” It makes me wonder how the movie would be, but I think it has Ben Affleck, and I am a fan of him. I mean, Daredevil, best movie ever, right?

May Contain Spies – Chapter One

The first Abby Banks Novel, May Contain Spies, is now with the formatter, and in honor of that, I’m going to post the first chapter here. It’s really different from the Lillim Books, but I’m told by sources that it is still good. You decide.


Chapter 1

Good girls did not smile at strange, new boys. And I was a good girl, wasn’t I? I thought I was, but when I saw Stephen, it made me wonder… not if I was a good girl, oh no, it wasn’t that simple because, when I stared into Stephen’s sapphire eyes, I wondered if I wanted to be a good girl.

Stephen was so beautiful that looking at him was like watching the sunrise. It wasn’t just his high cheekbones and his perfect nose that made him look so damn good. It was more how he carried himself, how his clothes clung to his body just so and in that way to show off his muscled physique. It made me want to jump over the counter and run my hands along his chest, made me want to feel his skin pressed against mine.

I swallowed. My mouth hadn’t been dry before he had walked up to the counter, had it? He said something, but I couldn’t hear it over the hammering in my chest. My heart was beating so hard, it sounded like a runaway train.

No one in my entire sixteen year life had ever made me feel this way before, made me want to leap onto them and never let go. It was a new sensation for me, and that alone made it scary. He was so pretty that I almost forgot…

His golden brows knit themselves together in confusion, and I shook my head. With deftness I hadn’t known he possessed, he placed a forty-two ounce drink cup on the counter and gestured at it with one perfect hand. His fingers were so slender and delicate. They looked like something out of a jewelry commercial. Yet, they had a sense of strength to them I couldn’t quite define, a certain nimbleness I had never seen before.

“Diet Coke,” he said, and his words were like rich cream, full bodied and definitely bad for you. They danced over my ears and sent shivers down my spine, tightening things low inside my body. “No ice,” he continued.

I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow managed to nod dumbly at him, and swept his cup off the counter. Ha! I didn’t knock it over… not that time at least. A smile crept along his face until he was beaming, and it was like someone turned on the sun. I blushed and took a step back.

Hastily, I turned my back to him as I headed for the soda machine. I was also suddenly aware of how ridiculous I looked in my bright red and white uniform. It even had a matching hat.

The worst part was that the uniform had no curves to speak of. I knew the reason why, my mom hadn’t wanted to sell sex in her restaurant, and she felt that putting everyone in one of these things helped that.

I reached up and tucked a loose strand of brown hair beneath my cap and sighed. Stephen Jacobs had been coming in here every day for the last two or three weeks. I hadn’t seen him before, and I only knew his name because I’d seen it on a credit card he’d used to pay a couple times. Truthfully, our exchanges had been limited to his standard order of chili fries and Diet Coke, which, I’ll admit struck me as a bit strange. If you’re going for the chili fries you might as well get the regular Coke.

Still, there was something about him that made me want to tie up the angel on my right shoulder and leave him in a dumpster, and it wasn’t just his natural good looks. Sure, I liked to look at him, who wouldn’t? With his tousled blond hair and good-natured smile, he was definitely eye-candy. Yet, there was something… alluring about him. Whatever it was, he was definitely making something in my gut say “me gusta.”

“One Diet Coke, no ice,” I called as I turned back around.

The way Stephen Jacobs stared at me made my insides turn to mush. When he looked at me I didn’t even feel like a person. I felt like a thing, a thing someone might want to possess. He smiled at me, but the look never reached his eyes. They were as cold as a glacier as he tapped one finger to his forehead in a salute.

“Thank you,” he said in that same sing-songy dream voice he used. He turned and went back to his table and sat there… staring at me. I glanced at the wall clock. I still had three hours left on my shift. I sighed again and turned to glance around for another worker, but I was the only cashier who worked this shift. The only other person here was the cook.

Stephen was still staring at me. He raised his Coke toward me as though toasting, and in that moment, I knew he was dangerous because if given the opportunity, I’d well… I glanced down at my register as a blush spread across my cheeks. It was going to be a long night.

The next hour crawled by like a snail swimming through molasses. Then again, it hadn’t helped that I kept alternating between staring at the clock and trying to think of reasons to go talk to him.

When the night finally ended, Stephen disappeared, vanishing into the ether like a ghost before I could work up the courage to say even a single word. That had been about an hour ago, and now I was home staring at a backpack full of homework. Part-time afterschool jobs and homework was not a good combination.

I flopped down at my desk and sighed. Which was pretty much when my phone rang, scaring the crap out of me. I snatched the phone from my desk and glared at it.

“Hey Lisa,” I said into the phone. “What’s up?”

“Did you see Stephen at the restaurant today? He’s totally into you, Abby,” my best friend, Lisa, told me without even so much as a “hello, how are you?” “If I had a guy that hot staring at me every day, I’d be all over him.”

I smirked into my cell phone. I could always count on Lisa to be totally boy crazy. The walls of her room were covered in pinups of the hottest new singers, shirtless of course, and she often carried around a small binder in which she would continually write her name, Lisa Ann, with whomever she was crushing on at the time’s last name.

Still though, except for the time that she had accidently fallen in that one guy’s lap at Homecoming last year, I was positive she had never even touched a boy before. It was easy to be boy crazy in your mind, not so much in practice.

“No you wouldn’t, Lisa.” I laughed into the phone. “You’d totally do the same thing as me, which is be struck totally dumb the second he started talking to you. You’d probably turn bright red like at Homecoming last year with Russell Grant.”

Russell Grant had been the aforementioned boy who owned the lap Lisa had collapsed into. Not one to make a scene, Russell had tried to help her up, but they’d wound up so tangled together in the gobs of pink and purple fabric that made up her dress, he’d fallen on top of her. To make matters worse, they’d actually rolled into the middle of the dance floor, so twisted together by their clothing, they’d both had to partially undress in front of the whole school before the teachers were able to free them.

“Nope!” Her voice echoed in my ears, a little too loud for the conversation we were having. “That event freed me. I am at perfect peace with my body now. I am sure I could go right up to that boy and not be struck deaf and dumb.” I knew she was nodding to herself on the other end of the phone. In fact, I was pretty sure she had already slipped into daydream mode.

“Yeah… maybe,” I sighed. “But I don’t think it’s meant to be. I can’t help but think that even if something did happen, well it wouldn’t be all ponies and sunshine.”

“I bet he’s got a third nipple.” And here we go. Lisa was about to launch into a tirade about how he probably had some kind of deformity and was hiding it because no one could look so ooey gooey delicious and not have some kind of debilitating flaw. Then, when I’d start to defend the fact that he probably didn’t have a tail or secret arm, she’d pronounce I did, in fact, like him. She’d even draw out the word like. That’s when I’d hang up on her. You might say I’d been to this particular rodeo before.

“Um… Leese, I think I’m just going to skip to the part where I hang up on you. It’s getting late, and I’m trying to get ready for bed. Besides, I still haven’t studied for that math test.”

A loud sigh emanated from the phone. “Fine, but when you get to problem twenty-three, the answer is twenty-seven. It’s easier if you work it backwards. You won’t be able to figure it out otherwise.”

“I will too! I’m not as dumb as you think I am,” I snarled into the phone.

“Uh… huh. That’s why you have a perfectly good guy crushing on you, and you haven’t even asked him his name. You found out by sneaking a look at his credit card.”

“Shut up!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Lisa replied. “Get to work. The first ten problems… those are the easy ones.”

She hung up, and I was left listening to an empty phone. Just because Lisa was the class smarty pants didn’t give her the right to call me stupid. I was in all the same classes as her… I just didn’t get the grades she did. But no one else did either! I grumbled and flopped down on my bed. In truth, I’d finished my math homework while I was at work. I just didn’t want Lisa to bother me about Stephen anymore.

I didn’t know what it was about him, but he just made me uncomfortable. Whenever I was around him, no scratch that, whenever he was close to me and I was looking at him, I became a complete klutz. I wished I had a better explanation for it, but I didn’t.

I had even gone so far as to try and track him down one day at school, but I hadn’t even seen him there. What’s worse is not only had no one seen him at school, no one had known who he was. That made no sense. A guy that hot would surely have attracted the attention of Shelly Johnson, Folsom High’s resident queen bee. She’d have definitely dumped her slavering idiot of a boyfriend in a heartbeat for a chance at a guy like Stephen.

The only place I ever saw Stephen was in my mom’s restaurant. He always showed up just a few minutes after my shift started and always left a few minutes before it ended. The only time Lisa had seen him was when she’d come to visit me after school today. She’d sat there drooling until my mom had asked her to help in back. Then, Lisa suddenly had tons of things to do and had scampered home.

My mom was great like that. She always knew how to make Lisa go away when I couldn’t. It was a real skill, let me tell you, because, even though she was my best friend in the whole world, she could be a little grating at times. Still though, Lisa was right. I should at least say something to Stephen. If he was going to sit and stare at me all day, the least he could do is engage me in thoughtful and meaningful conversation.

I smiled and stared at the ceiling of my bedroom. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I was going to talk to Stephen Jacobs, and I was going to say more than “would you like to make that a large?”


I want to make this post even though making it scares me. Why? Because I don’t want to jinx myself. Why? Because I’m selling preorders of Pursuit, like actually selling them. There are people (somewhere?) that like my Lillim books so much that they are buying the fourth book already.

In February, I sold more books than I have in all the time until February. Not like 2 or 3 more, like a hundred more. Still, I netted all of 1 preorder for Fairy Tale which just released a week ago. Fairy Tale is selling like gang busters compared to how Hatter did in its first month. I think Fairy Tale already outsold all of the Hatter sales in the whole month it was out, and it’s been out a week.

Pursuit is on track to do even better. What are you people on crack? Don’t you know I wrote these things, and they are horrible little jobs that sit in my drawer while I pine away that someone is going to finally realize I’m a fraud, break into my house, and steal my cat?

I’m just flabbergasted, absolutely over the moon that people like my books so much that they are preordering them. Who does that? Crazy people (but in a good way).

And you know what? Abby Banks’s May Contain Spies is so much freaking better than Kill it With Magic is. Like a thousand, million times better. I’ve never been more excited to release a book, in well, ever.

All that said, I’m still working really hard on Lillim 5 (I’m about 20% into it), and did I mention I started writing a Caleb book? By book, I mean serial. It will come out in episodes, I’m thinking every two weeks, and eventually get pulled into a full volume. The first one is already done. I want to get about three episodes “finished” before I start releasing.

Review – Indefatigable

Another free book, another review. This isn’t going to be a thing, I promise. Also, I just got the review art for the Lillim Callina box set. It contains volumes 1-3 and is for those of you who don’t like to buy individual things. Because why would you?

Okay, let’s start out with the obvious. Indefatigable is a way less cool word than Indomitable, at least to me, in my infinite opinion ness. It is also the second book in the Push Chronicles. You can buy it on Amazon here. The Author’s webpage is here.

Three months after the Whiteout spawned superheroes and villains, Irene Roman, a.k.a Indomitable, is near her limit fighting to protect the normal people. Now, what began as a simple kidnapping investigation catalyzes overnight into the worst threat the city of Atlanta has had to face. Will this finally be Irene’s breaking point or will she prove to be indefatigable?

The good:

You can really tell the author “leveled” up his writing in between Indefatigable and Indomitable. The writing is much tighter, and well, crisper. Imagine biting into a really crisp apple after eating that one that has been sitting at the bottom of your lunch box for a week. It’s like that.

I also have to say, I enjoyed the new hero, Argent Archer, a lot. He was probably my favorite character in the book by a huge margin.

I like how Irene, the main character, suffers with the idea of taking a ton of pain killers. It made me think of how Batman must go home after getting his ass handed to him and swallow a handful of Vicodin.

The ending, and by which I mean the last 2 chapters of the book, are simply outstanding. It almost made me want to throw the book at the author through my phone because I was like “that’s it?” I need the next one, like right now…

The Bad:

The book suffers from being “just another day in the life of” book. Imagine you’re a super hero, you fight bad guys. That’s what you do, and therefore, it comes as no surprise that’s what Irene and her merry band of adventurers do in this book. I felt like I missed the sense of coolness coming from the first book.

I also really didn’t enjoy the vampires as villains. I feel like in a world where you have an essentially infinite amount of cool bad guys, that it was a cop out. I want to see Irene battling people with cool powers, and figuring out how to beat them. Everyone kills vampires. Don’t be everyone when you have infinite possibilities.

That was the other issue; there were no really cool super battles in this one. No awesome powered villains. I want awesome powers, and adamantium claws! The first book did a really good job with that, but this one… not so much.

The Ugly:

Seriously? The “main” vampire was one of the worst things about the book. I get the idea, I get it, really. But I didn’t like it. I “barely” liked Ian as a bad guy. I felt like both main villains were people the author really wanted to use as villains… and they just weren’t up to snuff.

Spoilers after this line:

If Ian had a super thing like he did to bend reality, why didn’t he just lock Epic in the phantom zone. For serious? Also, if Epic knows that Ian has to be in the area… why doesn’t he just LEVEL the next square mile or something, clearly it was something he thought about doing… Or you know, throw the vamp into the goddamn sun… No one uses the sun enough… and now I’m rambling.

Spoilers end:

The Verdict:

I gave this one four (4) stars solely because of the last two chapters. Before that it was a three star book. It didn’t have the passion of the first book, the sense of wonder, but the writing quality is WAY better.