Year In Review

This isn’t a writing post. This is a reading post where I get to brag about how much I read. Which… isn’t a whole lot. I was delaying this post because I really wanted to finish one more book, but alas, I don’t see it happening in two days. Le sigh.


Total Books Read: 39

Total Pages Read: 13,389

Longest Book Read: Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton, 722 Pages

First Book Read: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey 01/02/14

Last Book Read: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, 12/28/14

Books in Progress: Deadly Heat by Richard Castle, The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

Here’s to next year.


Fault in Our Stars

My wife and I did quite a bit of driving over the holidays, and during this time, decided to listen to The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

I was just blown away by this book, which is probably why it is super popular. It also made me sad because I don’t think I can write anything like this… ever. It’s just not my style.

Still, it’s full of this weird gallows humor that touches even the most horrific aspects of the book.

There were several times during the listening of the audiobook where I felt like I was running out of feels, or needed a break. This book is intense.

I didn’t really set out to write a review or anything, I just wanted to say that you, and by you, I mean the proverbial “you all” should go read this book.

It’s also surprisingly less sad than you’d expect from a book about people with terminal cancer.

Back from Beta

I got Fairy Tale back from the beta reader on Thursday and meant to make a post about it, but I didn’t. Now that I’ve had a chance to read through her comments and made some much needed edits, the book is much better.

I even wrote a proper ending. In both of the first two books I wrote an “epilogue” type chapter that sort of tied everything up and moved us to the next book. I didn’t do that in Fairy Tale. I just left it right after this super emotional scene… which was so annoying to the beta that it ruined the whole book.

Which is why I wrote another chapter that sums it all up and leads us right into Pursuit. Then I wrote an extra chapter in Pursuit that leads us into Lillim 5.

It’s called Hard Boiled and takes place back on Earth.

In other news, Kill It With Magic hit #12 on the top 100 Paranormal and Urban Fantasy category on Amazon, which I’m counting as a win.

I’m expecting Hatter back from the editor next week (he was sick and asked for an extra week), but we’ll see with Christmas and all. You should be able to buy it in early January. You should, it’s at least twice as good as Kill It with Magic. Way less bumpy.

On Sale

So, the first order of business is that Kill It With Magic is on sale until 12/21/14 for $.99. Go buy it if you haven’t.

The second, more important bit, is that I just finished Pursuit. It totally went off the rails at the end, which is awesome and sad. I don’t really know how I feel about having two sad books in a row.

Mmm. Read my books, come for the action, stay for the horrible depression? Catchy, right?

Anyway, I’m relatively pleased with this book. I feel like I stretched some of my boundaries to the limit. So, what’s my favorite part? Well, the second to last chapter… and the last chapter. I guess the end is my favorite.

In other news, Fairy Tale, is with the beta reader, which is nice. I’m supposed to get it back in about a week. That will be nice.

The Hatter is Mad

My friend Shawn has been working overtime the last couple weeks to finish the cover for Hatter. Yesterday, he finally emailed me a cover that I thought was pretty much perfect. Now all I need to do is get the book back from the editor, edit it, format it, and kick it to life.

Also, don’t forget (shameless plug) that Kill It With Magic will be only $.99 from 12/15 to 12/21.

The Hatter is Mad

Usually, seventeen-year-old Lillim Callina is pretty good at ignoring responsibility. So when an ancient orcish warrior throws a car through her front door, burns her house to the ground, and unleashes the Lord of Death on Earth. Well… she wanted to move anyway.

But when the Lord of Death beats her mother into a coma and takes over her father’s body, well, someone has to avenge them, right?



I just penned the “pivotal” chapter in Pursuit. It’s pretty much the whole reason I wrote the book and… I’m less than pleased with it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is awesome. And I even have a snappy one-liner and everything.

Still, there’s something about it that reads… off? I’m not quite sure. Meh… I’ll catch it on the read through.

I’ve got Fairy Tale edited to chapter 27 or so after which I’m going to send it to the beta reader, I think.

We shall see.

Hatter is due back around the 14th. Hopefully, it won’t need substantial edits. Why? Because Kill It With Magic goes on sale for $.99 from December 15-December 22. It’s also when nearly all my ads go out.

I’m hoping to see some kind of bump in sales which, hopefully, turn into sales for Hatter. That may not happen if Hatter comes out too late…

Also, I really like that Meg Myers song Desire. I’ve probably listened to it fifty times in the last two days.

Rise of the Fallen

I’m excited.

There’s this book I read back in 2012 called My Soul to Keep, by Sean Hayden, and if you haven’t read it, well you should. It is awesome.

In a nutshell, it is about a high schooler named Connor. He makes a deal with a demon to… well… become a demon. Connor is then thrust into the world of demonry except his demon powers are super wonky. Hijinks ensue. It’s hilarious.

You can buy it on amazon here. Anyway, my only problem with the book is that it ends in the middle. There were several threads (like what’s the deal with the swords of the deceiver, man) and they didn’t all get, you know, tied up. The book begged for a sequel. BEGGED!

So, periodically for the last couple years, I’ve looked him up to see if he released a sequel. Guess who released a sequel a couple months ago? Sean Hayden. His new book is called Your Soul to Take, and I just bought it on kindle, which is crazy if you think about that I’ve only bought like 6 books ever on my kindle. This is a big deal for me, and I’m super excited to run home and start reading it… like right now.

You can buy the sequel here, by the way, and you should because I’m sure it is awesome.

Anyway, I’m going to go read now. >.>

So Much to do

Even though I’ve done it before, I sort of forget how much work it is to get books ready for publication. Hatter is Mad is at the editor and the prelim cover I got last night looks good. So, that one’s basically in the bag because after I get it back and (hopefully) have only minor edits to do, I can push it to the formatter and kick it out of the nest and into the world.

I really need to get on the editing for Fairy Tale and Shattered. I still need to find a cover for Fairy Tale, which may not be that hard… I dunno.

Part of me is really dreading the editing for Shattered because, well, every single time I read it, I make massive changes. That doesn’t really happen in Fairy Tale.

I just finished chapter 21 of Pursuit so that makes it about half done (though it feels almost done).

After I finish Pursuit, I think I’m going to try and pound out Abbey Banks, but I bet I’ll get like three chapters done and start writing something else… I’m not sure.

I mean, I guess, technically, as long as I finish Abby Banks by the end of December, I’ll be on track. Technically, Pursuit, isn’t actually due until March… and I wrote a whole other book that wasn’t scheduled… but still, I feel like I’m behind.

Really, I guess, if I make enough excuses, I could say that as long as Pursuit is finished by the end of December and Abby Banks is done by March I’ll be on track.

I know March feels far away, but November felt far away and now it’s over.

I really want to release Abby Banks in April, so I guess I should try to finish the damn novel. Pursuit will be released in May unless I just can’t get Abby Banks done in time… then well, you can have it in April.

So yeah, releases should be:

December 2014 – Hatter is Mad (Lillim 2)

February 2015 – Fairy Tale (Lillim 3)

March 2015 – Shattered

April 2015 – Abby Banks

May 2015 – Pursuit (Lillim 4)